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Pilgrimages to Fatima

Pilgrimages to Fatima are a mecca for many. Fatima is considered one of the world’s most famous Marian Shrines with over four million pilgrims visiting it every year to see the place where three village children saw a vision of the Virgin Mary on May 13 1917. The three shepherd children, Lúcia, Francisco and Jacinta, then saw five further visions on the 13th of every month.

Many book pilgrimages to Fatima to experience the spirituality and serenity that exists there. The small town is now home to a gigantic Basilica capable of holding a million worshippers, which is larger than the piazza at St Peter’s in Rome. It was completed in 1953 and contains the tombs of Francisco and Jacinta, who died in the 1919 flu epidemic.

While in Fatima, Pilgrims can avail of a full religious programme, as well as guided tours around Fatima including the place of the apparitions. View our Pilgrimages to Fatima today and don't delay in booking your trip today!

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