Technical & Operational Information

Ireland West Airport Knock is a "One Stop Shop" for airlines and tour operators, with the facilities and services to provide all the necessary Pre-planning, Marketing, Ground Handling, Customer Services, Air Traffic Control, Fire, Security and Catering to commence a route. The airline can avail of all the facilities and personnel that are required for an airline route by contacting one organisation – Ireland West Airport Knock Handling.

In order to ensure route success Ireland West Airport Knock’s marketing team are dedicated to supporting new routes and developing these routes into long-term sustainable networks. We work closely with all our existing airlines developing marketing plans and co-ordinate their marketing activity for them. We deliver excellent media coverage through dedicated PR and Marketing programme for each of our airlines and offer numerous promotions and advertising opportunities for the airlines as they arise. Ireland West Airport Knock will always go the extra mile to make your routes a thriving success! The results of our co-operative marketing support see Ireland West Airport Knock’s routes consistently out perform other similar routes in Ireland both on yield return and load factors.

We offer Airlines and Tour Operators the following Services:

  • Customer Services & Operations
    • Passengers Services
    • Check-in
    • Reservations
    • Administration
    • Operational Duties
    • Sita Movements
    • Special Needs Assistance
    • Lost & Found
    • Boarding
    • Priority Boarding
    • Dispatchers
    • Meet & Greet
    • Information Desk
    • Charter Reps
  • Ground Services & Refuelling
    • Baggage Handling
    • Marshalling
    • Parking
    • Ramp to Flight Deck Communication
    • Loading and Unloading
    • Starting
    • Interior Cleaning
    • Toilet Services
    • Water Services
    • In-Flight Catering
    • De-icing
    • Refueling
  • Security Services
    • Passenger and Baggage Screening
    • Passenger and Baggage Reconciliation
    • Aircraft Security
    • Additional Security Services
    • Pre-screen for all US Flights
  • Finance & Accounting

General Technical and Operation Data:

IATA Code:
UTC (+ 1)
Airport Type:
Magnetic Variation:
006 W (2006)
Operating Agency:
Private Company
Daylight Saving Time:
Last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October
Map Reference:
Latitude 53 54’ North, Longitude 08 49’ West
665 feet above sea level
TWR 130.7
Runway Dimensions:
7,546 x 148 feet (2,300 x 45 meters)
Category 1 (Runway 27) – (Projected to CAT II by 2008)
Approach & Runway Lighting System Category 1
Type VOR-DME, NDB, LLZ27, GP27, OM, MM
Refer to AIP Ireland, Page EIKN AD2-8
Fire Safety:
Full fire fighting equipment Category 9
Staffing normally Cat 7, Cat 9 on request
Jet A1, Avgas