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A City Break in Cologne

This is a fantastic city break destination with so much to offer. Cologne is a beautiful city with marvellous architecture and quirky side streets but it also a city that networks easily to surrounding and interesting towns. For instance, other cities within an hour include Wuppertal (here experience an upside down train track) and then Essen which is so historic but yet has a gigantic modern 200+ shop mall.  To get to bigger cities in Germany such as Frankfurt this can be done in 66mins on the high speed train!

What to do in Cologne?

I just had a very short visit but managed to jam-pack the essentials!

  • Cologne Cathedral (The Dom)

Here you can visit inside the world's fourth largest Cathedral but also for a fee of €4 you can climb the 533 steps up to the top and get an amazing view.

Top tip: Try to time it so that you are there before the hour mark as you will get to see the bell chimes.

  • Hohenzollern Bridge

This bridge is coloured with padlocks where people have sealed their love, it is also known as the love lock bridge.

Top tip: Cross over the bridge (from the city side), then turn right, down the steps. Here is the perfect place to get a picture of the bridge and the Dom. You will see many people gathered here doing the exact same thing.

  • Old town – Martinswinkel

This is just a beautiful gathering of old townhouses each painted a different colour in a fountain square.

  • Koln Triangle

This building is across the Hohenzollern Bridge and stands at 103 metres with 29 floors. Don’t worry you don’t have to take the stairs, the elevator will get you there in no time. This costs just €3 and really gives the most amazing 360 degree view of the city.

  • Spa Day at Claudius Therme

Everyone needs a spa day – right! This spa is amazing, it has several pools, saunas and relaxation areas. One of the pools is actually a whirlpool (timed) with a Jacuzzi on the top of it. It really is a worthwhile trip. It is situated about a 20 minute walk from the city centre.

Top Tip: Bring your own bathrobe from your hotel (if there is one), also bring your own towel as these are charged €7 and €4 respectively. Also there is no shower gel provided. Oh – some areas are charged extra but those areas require you to wear less clothing…hmmm

  • Virtual Reality Time Ride

If you are interested in history then give this a go, it’s about 45 mins long. First 15 mins is a tour guide talking through the history with maps and photos. Then the next 15 mins is a short film followed by the most exciting part boarding a tram wearing virtual reality goggles. Here it is like you are on the tram and riding through the city and seeing everything going on around you. It is also audio with a humourous journey as you pass through the old streets feeling totally immersed. A little pricier than other attractions at €12.50.

Top Tip: Getting a “Koln Card” gives you discounts to many attractions including this one!

One more thing! 
We found a few places in Cologne even restaurants that don't take card so best to keep some cash on you €€€

Next trip Essentials:

  • Cologne Chocolate Museum
  • Lights Festival  "Kölner Lichter" on 13th July
  • Cologne Cable Car (just reopened March 28th 2019)
  • Wuppertal upside down train

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