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Top 5 Summer Must-Haves available at Ireland West Airport

By Michelle Finn, Cosmetics Consultant, ShopWest @ Ireland West Airport

I have been kindly asked to write about five items that I personally love for summer/gifts and need in life.

Hope you enjoy it, please don’t judge I have never wrote anything like this and am not a blogger #going to be awkward

1. Clinique spf 50 for face 50ml €21.50

As far as I can research the Irish retailers nearby are selling the 30mls for €28 so yeeeeaaaa for value. ?

You’re going on holidays bags are packed and filled with spfs of all strengths for the hubby and kids, but what about protecting their faces?

Why you need the face one? Well face spfs are formulated lighter in texture so they are easier absorbed without blocking our pores and causing greasy breakouts.

This one from Clinique I love as it has a creamy texture but goes on the face clear so no white ghost faces on the beaches of Majorca. It’s suitable for all skin types as well and even delicate enough for around our sensitive eye area.

This product is oil free but saying that if you wear a lot of war paint during the day I would recommend the Estée lauder one as the reviews show it gives a greasy appearance under heavy makeup. Don’t forget to reapply during the day. We get so excited for a tan because we never seen the sun but remember be happier with a holiday glow than a red lobster with premature wrinkles.


2.  Atlantic Seaweed Bath €12.95

I love, love, love seaweed products ????

Stressed? Seaweed bath

Flaring eczema? Seaweed bath

Sore muscles? Seaweed bath

Dry skin? Seaweed bath

Arthritis? Seaweed bath.

You get the picture this organic gem basically does everything.

This product hails from Sligo and is hand harvested so it is kind to our Irish coastlines.

How to use: so you pop it into a hot bath, but you don’t sit there like a duck you massage it all over your body to get the goodness, pop them lil bubbles they are the good stuff on the seaweed after doing that for a bit you can relax the seaweed will have secreted its natural oils. Around 45mins is enough and you can repeat this with the same batch for three nights. Brilliant value for money ????

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream twinkle EDT 50ml €45 (summer limited edition)

High street price is €69.50

35% cheaper ?

Throughout the summer Ireland West Airport will be doing some amazing deals on summer fragrances, so if you’re lucky enough to see it grab it, as once it’s gone it’s gone.

This one will appeal to many women and definitely the people who just love collecting those pretty bottles.

What’s great about limited edition summer fragrances?

Just like your seasonal wardrobe in summer you should change up your fragrance scent, in summer major brands bring out light floral, fruity and fresh smells and then in winter you have your spicy woody smells.

In summer with heavier perfumes they intensify in heat, hello people coughing two rows on an airplane back ???? so a lighter option is more desirable, Also heavier perfumes contain higher amounts of alcohol that will burn the skin in the sun.

4. Clarin’s Hand Cream 30ml €8.50

Comes in three lovely scents the perfect size for traveling in the handbag.

Don’t have to go into detail here as Clarins customers already know how incredible this hand cream product is.

And finally

5. Benefit Bad Girl Lash bang €20

High street price is €27

Benefits most exciting new realise so far this year at an unbeatable price.

Also it comes in a mini for €10 if you want a trail before you commit first.

This new mascara is 36 hour wear, waterproof and smudge proof so prefect for you holiday peeps.