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New  - Airport Business Park

Ireland West Airport Knock is committed to the economic and social development of the West and North West of Ireland through the development of enterprise and employment opportunities within the region. The role of Airports as drivers of regional economic development are well documented, and Ireland West Airport Knock is preparing ambitious plans to develop a major world class Eco Business Park on a 300 acre site adjacent to the Airport to meet the current and future needs of business, communities and those who use the business park. Environmental sustainability is seen as a key driver, therefore the Business Park will incorporate the most modern design and technology in its build and operation and utilise to the best possible extent, renewable energy sources and best environmental practice.

This new venture will help increase the Airport’s ability to drive economic growth within the region and is fundamental for Ireland West Airport Knock’s commercial success and ability to deliver on its commitments to attract new flights, new tourism opportunities for the region, new enterprises and new sources of income to the Airport.

When completed the Business Park will offer office and industrial space as well as restaurants and shops where large corporations and small businesses alike will enjoy varied amenities, custom facilities and a quality of life unmatched anywhere else in the country. Not only that, but the new Business Park will afford enterprises:

  • Excellent Connectivity
  • Modern Logistics
  • Hassle-Free Travel
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Broadband technology & Voice over IP (VoIP)

As a sustainable community in the sense of the buildings and facilities, the Business Park will also promote positive corporate social responsibility and environmental excellence – offering a range of facilities and services that will help improve business performance by integrating responsible business practice across the four impact areas of workplace, marketplace, community and the environment.

Ireland West Airport Knock is currently seeking investment and joint venture partners who are interested in establishing or basing a business activity at the new Business Park. If you would like further information please contact:

Buildings for Rent

Located within an hours drive from some of the fastest growing towns and cities in Europe including Galway, Sligo, Castlebar and Ballina, Ireland West Airport Knock has a number of buildings that may be taken up for short or long term rent.

If you would like further information please contact: